Public Funding - Legal Aid

Public Funding Scheme for Civil and Criminal Cases

If you have a low income, you may be eligible for assistance from the Legal Aid Agency (LAA), formerly known as The Legal Services Commission (LSC), to meet part or all of the cost of a case and now known as public funding. The LAA is a government body.

In some instances you may be required to make a contribution towards your legal costs. If you recover or preserve property, you may have to pay back the LAA all the costs incurred. This is called the statutory charge.

We hold franchises with the LAA for family, civil and criminal areas of work. We have regular audits to make sure that we meet their high standards in respect of our legal advice and financial controls. We hold the LAA specialist quality mark (SQM)

We hold a contract with the LAA to provide legal advice to people who receive either benefits or who are on a low income. This is called the Legal Help Scheme, previously known as the Green Form scheme.

As of the 2nd April 2013 the LAA changed the rules, criteria and eligibility parameters for people who would qualify for public funding from the LAA. To see if you qualify for public funding (Legal Aid) please use LAA eligibility calculator link on our home page or click HERE

Please note, public funding (Legal Aid) is currently only available at our Hounslow, West London branch.