Why Choose Us

Here at Lovell Chohan you may be spoilt for choice.

With a number qualified solicitors at your disposal dealing with most aspects of the law, there is always someone available to deal with an urgent issue, should it arise.

Unlike many other law firms, where the majority of work is usually carried out or undertaken by administrative staff you can be reassured that only qualified personnel will deal with your legal matter.

Not only do all the solicitors at Lovell Chohan have the requisite skill and knowledge to deal with your legal matter or enquiry, you will find them approachable, friendly and professional in every aspect. We will not take on or attempt to deal with any area of law we are not familiar with, and in this regard we will always refer you to a firm that will best suit your needs if we are unable to help with your particular matter.

We provide transparent cost effective advice and will always give you a clear indication of costs before we start working on your behalf, this way you will not receive any surprises along the way. We will also provide you with a very detailed and comprehensive bill, accounting for each and every penny your case or legal matter has cost you.

At times prospective clients sometimes think big is always better, and in this regard we are big enough, proud enough and levelheaded enough to challenge large city firms on law, procedure and protocol. We are a niche legal firm and only deal with matters we advertise. This will also allow you to develop a one to one relationship directly with your solicitor without all the formal rigid structure and protocol larger firms insist on, however should you require a more formal setting and relationship, we can do that too.

Many solicitors firms advertise the fact that they are specialists or experts in a particular area of law, however we do not claim to be experts or specialists, our awards and accreditations say we are, and that is why we will always advise you to look out for specialist accreditations and practise standards awards when choosing a solicitor.