Debt Recovery Solicitors

Waiting for bills to be paid to your business can leave you frustrated and can create an awkward tension between you and your clients. The cash flow needs to run smoothly in order for any business to succeed.

We have built up a trustworthy and tenacious reputation at Lovell Chohan Solicitors and can take it upon ourselves to do the chasing for you. Whatever the size of the business you are owed money by, our dedicated solicitors work towards relieving tension and making sure payments are made when due.

When dealing with clients you expect payments to be made just as efficiently as the service you provide. However, often the same level of efficiency is not reciprocated and can leave you pondering on how to handle the situation politely. Our specialist debt recovery team tackle each situation effectively whether it’s big or small. Having decades of experience under our belts means we are able to motivate a client into paying without causing undue friction or tension.

How much will commercial debt recovery cost?

You are put in the driving seat from the get go and control each procedure. We do not take any step without your consent or spend money you are unaware of. We strive to work towards a low cost strategy and aim to retrieve the full payment from the client, as some costs are refundable from the client who owes the debt.

What if the debtor refuses to pay?

If a situation arises where the client feels the service that was provided to them wasn’t to the standard they expected, our knowledgeable solicitors will attempt mediation first. This tactic will involve contacting the client to figure out why payments are not being made and if a compromise can be agreed upon.

If the mediation strategy does not work, then our team of debt recovery solicitors will take the case to court and the debtor’s lack of cooperation will play in your favour.

Whatever the situation or size of the debt, our specialist team are on hand to do the chasing for you and will treat your issues as our own.  Please call our debt recovery solicitors today if you are finding yourself in a similar situation.

For further assistance recovering monies owed to your business:

Lovell Chohan Solicitors have wide experience in dealing with all commercial debt recovery. If a claim has to be issued then Lovell Chohan Solicitors have access to highly experienced barristers who can assist. Visit your local debt recovery lawyers at our offices in Hounslow, Slough & Twickenham

Get in touch with our debt recovery solicitors in London

For many years Lovell Chohan Solicitors have served the London boroughs of Slough, Windsor, Eton, Hounslow, Mayfair, Twickenham, Richmond & Chiswick. We have wide experience in dealing with all commercial debt recovery and if a claim has to be issued, we have access to highly experienced barristers who can assist. For debt recovery legal advice, visit us at our offices in HounslowSlough & Twickenham