Private Client

Hourly Rates

Under this scheme we will provide you with an estimate of the cost of your case. We can break this down and give you an estimate for the costs of each stage including both our fees and any disbursements. Disbursements are the costs we incur with other parties, for example court fees, expert fees or the cost of counsel. You will provide us with funds for all or an agreed proportion of this sum before we undertake any work on your behalf. When we reach the agreed cost limit, if you have set one, we will send you a detailed bill. If necessary, we will ask for additional funds before taking any further action.

If your case is a litigation matter it may be possible for you to recover these costs from your opponent if you win the case, and or you may wish to purchase an after the event insurance policy. We can discuss these options further with you.

Agreed & Fixed Fees

We also operate an agreed and fixed fee schemes, this is where we agree the total cost of your case to a certain point and/or conclusion.

The costs issues will be explained to you in our client care letter provided to you at the outset of the case.

Payment Methods

If and when you are required to make payment to Lovell Chohan Solicitors for whatever reason you may use any of the following methods to do so, however please note we do not accept cash payments.

  • BACS or CHAPS Transfer
  • Internet Banking Transfer
  • Faster Payment
  • Bankers Draft
  • Personal Cheque
  • Debit Card

If you are paying by credit or debit card you can also do this online.

Click HERE  or select an icon below to pay online.