Archiving and Storage

Solicitors Own Storage (SOS)

With regulations requiring firms to keep documents and records for 6 or more years it soon becomes an expensive and space consuming exercise.

Having experienced the humdrum and costs associated with external archiving and storage companies, Lovell Chohan Solicitors recently developed and implemented a cost effective solution for ourselves dubbed SOS, this is now available to other local firms, where some have already taken advantage.

It is all too a common practice for solicitors and firms alike to store client files in a shed or garage where security is normally non-existent, thus possibly breaching the data protection act and your on-going duty of client confidentiality, should the file be stolen or destroyed.

Sometimes simple measures require simple solutions. If you or your firm require inexpensive local storage facilities where you are able to archive and access files at your convenience, or you simply wish to free up office space and organise you’re archiving then we have the perfect formula.

If you or your firm wish to benefit from our SOS facilities and put a stop to continued encroachment of office / residential space, or simply wish to move your current facility to more cost premises, then please use the link below to express your interest.

This facility currently extends to solicitors and accountants only.