Trading Standards Litigation

An investigation or prosecution by Trading Standards officers can result in serious consequences for you and your business, including legal penalties and damage to your business’s reputation. If you find yourself subject to a Trading Standards investigation of prosecution, it is therefore essential to have expert legal advice and support from the outset.

Lovell Chohan is home to a number of solicitors with strong experience of Trading Standards litigation, allowing us to provide the specialist guidance you need for all aspects of Trading Standards proceedings.

We regularly assist businesses with Trading Standards litigation relating to issues including copyright, trade marks, trade descriptions, consumer credit, weights and measures, and food safety. We also have particular experience with complaints to test purchases made by Trading Standards.

Our solicitors can represent you at every stage of proceedings, from an initial interview with trading standards, through negotiations to find alternatives to prosecution, and during prosecution where required.

For expert advice on dealing with Trading Standards investigations and litigation, please get in touch with our commercial lawyers in Hounslow, Slough or Twickenham or use the contact form on the right to get in touch.

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How our lawyers can help you with Trading Standards investigations litigation

We can assist you at every stage of proceedings involving Trading Standards, from an initial search and seizure, through seeking alternatives to prosecution and during court proceedings where required.

Trading Standards Search & Seizure

In some cases, the Trading Standards department will conduct an initial search and seize/exercise. If this has happened at your business, we recommend consulting us immediately so that we can help minimise any negative consequences for your business.

We can be reached 24/7 through our switch board on 0208 570 6661.

Trading Standards investigations

Many investigations commence with an initial complaint against an individual or business or a test purchase made by a Trading Standards official. In taking action to investigate a complaint an invitation is usually received by the individual or business to attend an interview under caution in accordance with the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984 at the offices of Trading Standards.

It is important for legal advice to be obtained at this stage as any replies given in an interview may be significant in any subsequent prosecution.

Arrests related to Trading Standards offences

In some cases, Trading Standards Officers will obtain the assistance of the Police to effect the arrest of potential suspects and the search and seizure of property.

It is desirable for individuals or businesses to seek legal advice at this stage. Our solicitors have the experience and expert knowledge to accurately assess the alleged offences or breaches, advise you on your legal position and explore any available statutory defences.

Alternatives to prosecution for Trading Standards offences

It may also be possible in some circumstances to avoid prosecution by negotiating with Trading Standards to agree an alternative option. This could involve a written warning or formal caution.

Our Trading Standards solicitors are highly experienced in securing alternatives to prosecution for our clients, so can offer expert advice and representation for your business.

Legal representation for Trading Standards prosecutions

If, however, a prosecution is commenced this will usually be by way of the issuing of a summons detailing the alleged offences committed against the individual or business and providing a date for a first appearance at the relevant Magistrates' Court.

If a summons is received it is important to obtain legal advice and representation. We will be in a position to advise on funding, the law and Court process. We will also assess the evidence and advise on the appropriate plea and take the necessary proactive steps to defend the case.

We will also advise on any ancillary matters relevant to the case for example confiscation proceedings following a guilty plea or finding of guilt and also in relation to any applications that may be made by Trading Standards for the forfeiture and destruction of any goods seized.

Our expertise in Trading Standards litigation

Our team have decades of experience assisting a wide range of businesses with all aspects of Trading Standards investigations and prosecutions. Our specialist knowledge and skills in this area mean that we can secure the best available outcome for your business under even the most challenging circumstances.

Lovell Chohan is accredited by the Law Society for Criminal Litigation, as well as having achieved their Lexcel accreditation for the quality of our practice management and client care.

We aim to be accessible to as broad a spectrum of people as possible, with members of a team speaking a variety of languages, including English, French, Hindi, Mandarin, Punjabi, Swahili, Spanish, Urdu and Welsh. We are also able to arrange interpreters at short notice for any other languages and have an induction T-Loop system built into our offices for the hard of hearing.

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