Costs Lawyers

Lovell Chohan Solicitors offer a specialist costs department able to undertake a wide variety of costs related work. Our specialist costs lawyers are fully qualified members of the Association of Costs Lawyers and are experienced in a number of costs disciplines, including civil legal aid work, inter partes costs recovery, Court of Protection costs and the preparation of costs budgets.

Our Costs Lawyers are available to undertake work for both solicitors or individuals. So whether you have a complex costs drafting matter or simply which to challenge a solicitors bill, then we are here to help.

 Legal aid

We are able to undertake all aspects of civil legal aid work, notably housing and both public and private family work. Our team is well versed in the fixed fee regimes covering both solicitor and advocates' costs and are able to prepare all legal aid forms, High Costs Case Plans or Bills of Costs as necessary. In addition our costs lawyers are experienced in the use of the Legal Aid Agency's online CCMS service which is now mandatory in all new publicly funded cases. Lovell Chohan Solicitors are able to offer a full service, dealing with all aspects of a claim through to final payment from the Legal Aid Agency

 Inter Partes costs recovery

Our costs specialists are able to carry out all aspects of costs recovery in inter partes matters, from preparation of the initial Bill of Costs through to the conclusion of the matter whether that be by way of a negotiated settlement or an assessment hearing. We are able to carry out either Claimant or Defendant work and are able to provide detailed advice regarding settlement of costs matters in addition to preparation of Points of Dispute or Replies to Points of Dispute. Lovell Chohan Solicitors are pleased to offer a bespoke service, able to conduct any aspects of an inter partes costs matter in order to provide a positive outcome for the client.

Costs Budgets

Our experienced costs lawyers are able to prepare detailed and accurate costs budgets as necessary. These budgets are prepared using a detailed yet realistic approach in order to ensure they are unlikely to be dramatically restricted and to ensure that they prove difficult for the opponent to challenge, while also covering all work necessary throughout an individual case.

Solicitor and client costs

Lovell Chohan Solicitors’ costs team is well versed in the preparation of bills for clients and are able to ensure that these bills stand up to any challenges brought by a client as our costs lawyers are able to provide robust advice regarding costs which may not be upheld in the event of assessment and as such are able to advise as to which costs should not be passed on to the client.

Court of Protection

Our costs team possess extensive experience in respect of Court of Protection costs, including bills for general management costs as well as for specific proceedings. Our team is well versed in the rules surrounding costs which are allowed in the Court of Protection and is familiar with the fixed costs which apply and can therefore ensure that the maximum amount is recovered quickly and efficiently.

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