Solicitor & Client Costs

The relationship between solicitor and private client can sometimes be regarded as delicate, especially when there is an on-going costs issue.

Most solicitors do not wish to rock the boat at this stage and simply leave outstanding costs to be dealt with another day, this day all too often never arrives, or your client has simply moved on, leaving a knock on effect in relation to cash flow and the future sustainability of your firm.

Lovell Chohan Solicitors costs department are realistically able to deal with such issues, where at times your client would normally be reassured with a second opinion from an independent firm resulting in a settlement of costs.

From contacting your client, writing warning letters, negotiating, and issuing proceedings if required, is a familiar exercise for many firms but not cost effective in the sense that your time is better spent dealing with matters that are not laborious and commercially ineffective.

Lovell Chohan Solicitors approach to resolving costs issues is both practical and realistic in that we cater for you and your frim with the knowledge and requisite skills to conclude most solicitors and client cost issues.