Professional Negligence Claims

Complaints against a professional services company are all too often met with an unhelpful, negative, sometimes even an aggressive approach, even when there is a regulatory body to whom you can turn. This can make it difficult to seek redress when you have suffered a financial loss due to poor service from a professional.

Our solicitors can help you find an effective way through professional negligence disputes, giving you the best chance of achieving fair compensation for the losses you have suffered.

We offer a clear, pragmatic legal advice, helping you to cut through the jargon that may be used to muddy the waters if your initial complaint is not treated seriously. We will provide an independent expert assessment of your situation, so you know your legal position and the steps you can take to secure a positive outcome.

Our professional negligence solicitors can then guide you through every stage of making a claim, including attempting to reach a voluntary settlement with the professional in question, pursuing the matter through professional regulatory bodies and taking court action where required.

We can help with a wide range of claims, including:

  • Professional negligence claims against accountants
  • Professional negligence claims against solicitors
  • Professional negligence claims against surveyors
  • Professional negligence claims against architects
  • Professional negligence claims against conveyancers
  • Professional negligence claims against builders

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Pursuing a professional negligence claim

Using us to pursue a negligence claim, shows that your business means business. Once a claim is presented to its best advantage, we often find that your supplier will wish to settle, and we will generally look for alternative methods of resolving disputes to avoid costly court proceedings.

However, where court proceedings are required, we can advise you on all of the requirements, help you to build an effective case and represent you at your hearing to give you the best chance of securing a favourable ruling.

We will always tailor our approach to your circumstances and business priorities, keeping the long-term interests of you and your business protected.

Who can make a professional negligence claim?

You may be entitled to make a professional negligence claim against an individual or business if you can show that:

  1. The service you received fell below acceptable professional standards for that industry.
  2. This resulted in a financial loss for your business.

There is no strict list of who is considered a “professional” for the purposes of a professional negligence claim, but if a service provider has or would normally be expected to have professional qualifications, it is likely you may be able to make a claim against them.

Our professional negligence claims fees

We understand that finding a cost-effective solution to your dispute is important for your business, so aim to make our pricing transparent from the outset.

Some services, such as drafting a letter before action, can be offered on a fixed-fee basis while others, such as pursuing court proceedings or alternative dispute resolution, are normally offered according to a pre-agreed hourly rate.

We will always ensure you are clear about the likely costs involved at the outset and keep you updated about any additional expenditure at all times, so you can be confident pursuing a professional negligence claim remains cost-effective for your business.

Why choose our professional negligence solicitors in London and the South East?

We have many years of experience helping businesses of all types to pursue professional negligence claims, offering a fast, effective way to seek redress when your business has been let down by a professional.

While we are based in the Greater London area, we help clients all over the country to pursue their claims, meaning our expertise can benefit you wherever you are based.

We aim to make dealing with your claim as simple and convenient as possible, so are happy to communicate in person, over the phone or via email – whatever works best for you and your schedule.

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