New Build Conveyancing Solicitors in London

Buying a new build home?

 Buying a new build property has all the potential to be the perfect dream home yet the legal conveyance is often the most complicated, presenting a complex and risky process with the potential for a lot to go wrong, including the nightmare of your property being demolished because of errors made in planning.

If you are intending to buy a new build home, it is, therefore, essential that you seek the professional expertise of an experienced new build conveyancing solicitor who can advise you right from the outset and help you avoid potentially devastating and costly mistakes.

At Lovell Chohan, our expert new build conveyancing solicitors in London have all the skills, knowledge and expertise necessary to deal with the most demanding new home launches, including those of some of London’s biggest property developers and home builders.

We know that, it is likely that you will feel under a significant amount of pressure from the new build developers’ sales and legal team to complete, as soon as possible. By instructing us to represent you, your new build purchase will be in the safest, most experienced legal hands. You can be confident that we will not bend under the pressure and can guarantee that your best interests will be considered by us and protected, at all times.

By working closely with you from the outset, as soon as your offer has been accepted, right through to completion, we can help you to avoid potential legal pitfalls and any nasty surprises that might jeopardise your purchase, causing you unnecessary delays and extra costs.

Our expert team know all the bases to cover, what to look out for and the types of new build property related issues that might arise affecting your purchase that could cost you dearly later on.

We can oversee and advise you on all aspects of new build development issues such as:

  • Compliance with planning regulations including checks and searches such as checking that appropriate planning permission has been obtained and that the property has been built in full accordance with it.
  • Freehold purchases
  • Leasehold purchases
  • Future maintenance of common parts of a development.
  • NHBC inspections and NHBC warranties which provide a form of insurance against structural defects. Most new builds come with a ten-year NHBC warranty
  • Agreements for roads and sewers including checks that drains and utilities have been properly established.
  • Local searches
  • Boundaries
  • Access rights
  • Rights of way
  • Access to services
  • Restrictive covenants which may have been written into the lease or registered against the freehold title and could prohibit alterations to the property without permission
  • Snagging and warranties provision that can be written into your contract to address any building work, structural or cosmetic, that falls short of expectations, errors or defects that need to be itemised and passed onto the builder for repair. We recommend you get an independent snagging survey, at the soonest opportunity, preferably before you make your final payment on the property, before completion or as soon as you move in to avoid issues being disregarded by your builder as wear and tear
  • Mortgaging and re-mortgaging
  • Reservation fees
  • Deposit protection
  • Completion dates
  • Disputes with your builder / property developer

Our dedicated team of conveyancing solicitors for new build developments will ensure that the contract is in your favour, that your deposit is fully protected and there is a “long-stop” completion date for your property to be finished by.

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