Cost Drafting & Provisional Assessments

Are you or your firm one of many that have publicly funded cases where a detailed bill needs to be prepared and costs paid to your firm regularly?

Do you find provisional assessment of bills laborious, mundane and ineffective to the point where you would rather outsource the billing process to a third party that understands all the associated issues from your prespective?

Our costs department is able to prepare the bill and carry out all steps through the provisional assessment process to have your costs paid by the Legal Aid Agency without lengthy delays, this of course subject to the LAA’s backlog and processing times.

Our costs solicitor will liaise with all necessary organisations and even pursue them if the matter is not progressing at a reasonable pace.

Often it takes a costs solicitor to understand the need for regular and reliable payments on cases together with an ethical and pragmatic approach in dealing with such issues, not just the percentage of profit cost charges which some costing firms revolve around.

At Lovell Chohan solicitors we deal with all provisional cost drafting matters so you don't have to, these after all are the types of bill you would rather have drafted and paid promptly.  This however is dependent on our current workload and whether the said case requires particular attention to problematic issues, but we normally draft and return bills for you to submit to the Court or to the LAA the within 7-10 days.

To make your life easier we are able to collect and deliver your files on a scheduled fortnightly basis free of charge to the following post code areas.

Free Collection & Delivery

TW1 to TW9, UB1 to UB12, SL1 to SL6, W3 to W7