Food Hygiene Law 
& the Food Standards Agency

Running a business in the food industry involves dealing with a lot of regulatory challenges on top of all of the normal legal issues any business faces. Staying compliant with food safety and food hygiene laws is essential, both to avoid regulatory problems and for the reputation of your business. Having access to the right specialist legal advice is therefore absolutely critical for the success of your operation.

At Lovell Chohan, dealing with food hygiene and food safety law is one of our core areas of expertise. We regularly advise a wide range of businesses across the sector both on achieving regulatory compliance and dealing with regulatory issues, including investigations and prosecutions by the Food Standards Agency (FSA).

Our clients include businesses of all sizes, from small local firms to large national organisations, covering every aspect of the food industry. We regularly work with food producers, food processing and packaging companies, food transport businesses, retailers, restaurants and other customer-facing food businesses in London, the South East and nationally.

Our food hygiene and food safety lawyers offer honest, practical advice, guidance and representation designed to protect your business, while taking into account all of the commercial considerations and other issues you have to deal with.

We want you to be able to succeed and grow, so our team are here to provide the commercially astute legal expertise and strong personal support you need for every aspect of your food business.

For expert guidance on complying with food hygiene and food safety laws, please contact our local teams in Hounslow, Slough & Twickenham.

Our expertise with food hygiene laws & the Food Standards Agency

We deal with all aspects of the Food Safety and General Food Hygiene Regulations dealing with both defending possible breaches and potential prosecutions by the Local Authority and the food standards agency. In particular we cover the following area of law:

  • Food preparation
  • Food processing
  • Food manufacturing
  • Food transportation
  • Food distribution
  • Safe food handling
  • Food packaging
  • Food storage
  • Selling food
  • Supplying food

As a proprietor/ business owner of a food business you must:

  • Make sure food is supplied or sold in a hygienic way
  • Identify food safety hazards
  • Know which steps in your activities are critical for food safety
  • Ensure safety controls are in place, maintained and reviewed
  • Be clean and maintained in good repair
  • Be designed and constructed to permit good hygiene practices
  • Have an adequate supply of portable (drinking) water
  • Have suitable controls in place to protect against pests
  • Have adequate natural and/or artificial lighting
  • Have sufficient natural and/or mechanical ventilation
  • Provide clean lavatories which do not lead directly into food rooms
  • Have adequate hand-washing facilities
  • Be provided with adequate drainage

You must provide rooms where food is prepared or otherwise treated or handled and or processed should have easy clean surfaces and capable of being disinfected. An example of this could be stainless steel wall to floor covering. Such rooms should also have adequate facilities for washing food and equipment and adequate facilities for the storage and removal of food waste.

Please speak to the senior partner if you need assistance or advice in relation to the above or the food standards agency.

Why choose Lovell Chohan Solicitors for your food business?

Not many legal firms specialise in advising food businesses on their legal needs, but at Lovell Chohan, this is one of our core areas of expertise. With many years of experience supporting a wide range of businesses in the food industry, we can provide detailed, reliable and commercially astute legal guidance for the full range of issues affecting your operation.

Cost is always important for any business, so we make our fees totally transparent. We will provide a clear indication of costs for our services upfront and a detailed invoice when your matter is dealt with, so you can see exactly where your money has been spent. That way, you can have complete confidence that every penny you spend on our services is adding value to your business.

We pride ourselves on the close relationships we have with our clients. When you work with our team, you will be speaking directly to a fully qualified solicitor with specialist expertise in UK food laws. This means you will always know that the advice you are getting is reliable and that if you have an issue, you will get a fast, accurate answer. We offer 24-hour personal support, so you always have access to the right legal expertise when you need it.

Our team speak a number of different languages and work with various trusted interpreters, so we can provide the clear legal support your business needs, whatever your background.

Get in touch with our specialist food hygiene solicitors in London

For many years Lovell Chohan Solicitors have served the London boroughs of Slough, Windsor, Eton, Hounslow, Mayfair, Twickenham, Richmond & Chiswick. For legal advice on food hygiene matters, visit us at our offices in Hounslow, Slough & Twickenham.