Discounted, Fixed & Subsidised Fees (DFS)

If you have been told that you do not qualify for legal aid due to the new provisions set by the Government / Legal Aid Agency on 2nd April 2013 but you simply do not have the funds to pay full private legal fees then all is not lost.

Here at Lovell Chohan we are able to offer Discounted, Fixed and Subsidised (DFS) fees for those who no longer qualify for Legal Aid / public funding but who would have qualified for legal aid under the old provisions. This is done through a simple eligibility check.

We believe access to justice should be affordable and available to everyone.

DFS can apply to a range of different people and the examples below (which are not limited to the following) show where a client may qualify for our DFS fees.

  • Unemployed
  • Low income
  • Receiving benefits
  • Over 70

There may be other unusual and exceptional circumstances where we may consider offering our DFS fees; which can be ascertained at your first meeting.

If you believe you may qualify for DFS, please call us and we will arrange an appointment for you to see one of our solicitors or fee earners for a free consultation to see if you do qualify. You will be asked to provide supporting evidence to qualify for our DFS fees such as proof of benefits, payslips, bank statements and other similar documentary evidence that we may request. We may also refer with credit reference agencies and the DWP or write to your bank or employer, this however will only be done with your consent. If you pass the eligibility test, we can deal with your matter under DFS which is only available to clients who have limited means.

We look forward to hearing from you.