Employment Law for Employees

How much will it cost me?

Understanding your entitlement to rights is important for every employee and shouldn’t be missed. If you feel you have been dismissed or made redundant by your employer unfairly, it is vital that you speak up and discover what can be done legally against the employer.

Our qualified solicitors use a personable approach to understand every element of your case to create tailored advice to suit your needs. We strive to share our knowledge to educate you in to understanding your rights. We understand that each case is different, therefore we allow you to guide us so we are able to help as much or as little as possible depending on your issue. Our Employment Team boasts a group of specialist solicitors who are able to research and analyse the situation to produce the best possible outcome for you.

Bearing in mind the varied complexities in each case, we may need to apply legal processes or alternatively use mediation or agree over a COT3 form to avert legal conflict.

We firmly believe in prioritising your needs and this is only achieved by keeping you involved throughout the whole process. Our main priority is to make sure you agree with any actions needed and to thoroughly investigate the best course of action with you. Forging a compromise agreement is one approach we aim to use to settle a dispute or if employment tribunal proceedings have been issued by concluding settlement on a COT3 form with the assistance of ACAS.

Lovell Chohan is also proudly a member of the Employment Lawyers Association.

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