Provider Information

Organisations, groups and individuals have an important role in providing third party services to Lovell Chohan Solicitors and its clients. However our clients and the Legal Aid Agency (LAA), are continuously looking for greater choice, control and value as to how best spend client and government budgets to fund legal matters and associated services.

This section of our website contains limited general guidance notes and news updates from both the LAA and Lovell Chohan Solicitors.

All service providers must ensure they are qualified or accredited to undertake the service they have been requested to provide, and further ensure they meet and comply with any terms and conditions as set out and amended from time to time by the LAA for all publicly funded work.

Lovell Chohan Solicitors will not accept any liability for financial loss to service providers where they have failed to comply with the above. This includes service provider invoices for payment that are out with the LAA funding scope for publicly funded matters or previously agreed private client fees.

We are very interested in working with local organisations and providers who can deliver a quality value for money service without compromise. If you or your organisation have the requisite skills and resources to provide a service that would benefit Lovell chohan and its clients then we would like to hear from you.