Tips On Choosing A Solicitor

Where do you start? we would of course recommend Lovell Chohan Solicitors in Slough, Hounslow or Twickenham, however the choice is yours. we are ready when you are.

Choosing the right solicitor and deciding which one to use can be a daunting experience, especially when there are so many to choose from with some claiming to be to be specialists or experts in a particular area of law. Here at Lovell Chohan, we don’t claim to be experts or specialists, our practise standards, awards and accreditations say we are.

Your legal matter is important to you and you want to get it right first time. Just like buying a new car, you won’t purchase it from the first garage you visit, you will want to shop around and make sure the price is right, the level of service is exceptional and the after sales team is able to look after your on-going needs. In the legal world we at Lovell Chohan do just that.

Many clients choose their local solicitor just for convenience or simply have a habit of returning to them after a previous matter. You can compare this to your doctor; he or she will deal with most of your symptoms and medical complaints in general practise but will then refer you to a consultant or specialist if he or she feels your matter requires a specialist opinion. This sometimes means you may have to travel to get the best results and opinions. Here at Lovell Chohan location and distance is not an issue with offices conveniently located in Slough, Hounslow and Twickenham, all with local parking and easy access to public transport.

Recommendations are normally a reasonably good way to find out what working with a particular firm of solicitors is going to be like, instead of relying on third party recommendations that may be money driven with referral fees, a bit like ‘you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours’. It is better to rely on personal recommendations from friends, family and work colleagues as most will have had some dealings with a solicitor, however you need to make sure any recommendation suits your personal needs as your friends or family’s legal matter may have been vastly different to yours and have unique and exceptional elements that your friends or family did not encounter, and in this regard any recommendation or referral to Lovell Chohan is vetted and matched to a  specialist solicitor best suited to your personal and legal needs.

Another factor you should consider is price. Comparing estimates and prices before you instruct a solicitor is always a good idea as prices can vary between firms and also by location, as firms in more expensive and affluent areas may charge more to cover their overheads and staffing needs. You should also consider obtaining a quote for how much your matter is likely to cost; this will help you budget and make an informal choice. After all you have worked hard for your money and we would want you to spend it wisely. At Lovell Chohan we offer both fixed and hourly rate fees suited to your budgets and needs. We also offer discounted and subsidised fees for those who previously qualified for legal aid and now no longer do so.

Exceptionally cheap quotes will usually prove to be cheap for a reason. The most common reason for a cheap quote would be to get your attention and draw you in, once hooked you may find a number of additional and bolt on charges have been added, and before you know it, your original cheap quote has now cost you considerably more. You will also want to know that every aspect of your legal matter is receiving a solicitor’s full attention and that they are available to discuss your case with you when you need to. While it may be tempting just to choose a solicitor on price alone, you should be aware that you may not receive the level of service you expect if you simply opt for the least expensive estimate. Lovell chohan is transparent, ethical and very clear on costs from the outset. We will provide you with a realistic and affordable quote on either an hourly basis or fixed fee.

When choosing your solicitor test the level of service you are likely to receive by asking questions on law and procedure, experience, costs and time frames, this will allow you to measure how knowledgeable the staff are, their level of professionalism and availability. If you call to ask some basic questions at the outset and there is nobody free to answer your queries or questions then you may experience similar problems if you go on to choose that firm. At Lovell Chohan there will always be someone available to speak to you, however on occasions our switchboard can be very busy, and in this regard reception will take your number and have someone call you back, or you may wish to use our free online call back or enquiry service.

To further understand a firms level of service and whether your potential solicitor is an expert or specialist always look for Law Society accreditations and panels, like the ones we hold at the foot of this page. This will provide you with reassurance that the firm you intend to choose is the right one and the solicitor has the requisite skills, knowledge and approach to effectively deal with your legal matter.

Basic house keeping and office tidiness is another key sign to look out for. If the office is clean, tidy and well presented it would suggest great effort and emphasise is placed on presentation and organisation, this in turn may give you an idea on what sort of service you are likely to receive. Offices, meeting rooms, desks and corridors piled high with client files and boxes not only breach client confidentiality it would more than likely suggest disorganisation.

Lexcel is the Law Society's international practice management standard. It is a scheme for any type of practice to certify that certain standards have been met following independent assessment. The Lexcel practice management standard is only awarded to solicitors who meet the highest management and customer care standards. Lexcel accredited practices undergo rigorous independent assessment every year to ensure they meet required standards of excellence in areas such as client care, case management and risk management, and of course Lovell Chohan Solicitors has held the Lexcel standard for many years and still continues to do so.

Law Society accreditation panels show the expertise of scheme members in a given area of law has been verified, and their accomplishment is recognised by the Law Society to promote high standards in legal service provision, ensure that clients are easily able to identify legal practitioners with proven competency in given areas of law, help consumers to make informed choices about whom to instruct, assure consumers that the Law Society has asked the questions that a discerning client wouldn't otherwise ask and ensure that scheme members maintain relevant standards of competency and expertise by means of periodic re-selection, re-accreditation and re-authorisation.

On a final point, you must also consider how many actual solicitors are employed by a firm, as this will also impact on the level of service you are likely to receive. If for some reason your solicitor is taken ill or on annual leave, who is going to look after your legal affairs in their absence?, especially if your matter is time critical. This is not an issue at Lovell Chohan. With 12 solicitors and 6 support staff there will always be someone available to deal with unforeseen circumstances and eventualities, if and when they arise.

Choosing a solicitor is something that requires some research and thought. If you want to make sure you receive a high level of service and professionalism for whatever type of work or advice you need, the points above will help you make the right decision.