India Law Statutes

At Lovell Chohan Solicitors we have the expertise to deal with a wealth of matrimonial and family law relating to Indian law and statues. We operate an in-house India desk.

We are associated with firms of solicitors and advocates based in India and have access to both solicitors and barristers who have represented and/or advised clients that are based in the United Kingdom/India on both family and civil law matters.

We are able to deal with matters in the Indian courts on behalf of non-resident Indians (NRI’s). We have access to a wealth of Indian legal professionals who are both qualified in India and in England and Wales.

We are able to gather evidence and have investigations carried out in India, including witness tracing and obtaining statements from witnesses for use in both civil and family cases in the United Kingdom. We are often instructed as agents on behalf of English solicitors to obtain evidence and documents from Indian courts and to advise on particular areas of Indian law and statute, along with Indian law procedures.

Our Indian qualified advocates can appear in the following courts in India and in England and Wales:

Supreme Court of India

High Courts

District Courts

Where necessary we are able to instruct counsel to obtain court orders various judicial records and injunctions in India, and some of these may be used in the English courts.

We are able to deal with areas of Hindu, Mohammedan, Christian law and nationality law on behalf of clients who either reside in India and have current litigation taking place in the courts of England and Wales or non-resident Indians, residing in England and Wales and who  have litigation and family cases that are taking place in India.

We can deal with dowries and property disputes

In general Indian statute confers very different rules to marriage and divorce in relation to the parties personal circumstances. The two main areas of Indian statute concerning divorce and family law in India are governed by their Hindu marriage act, this sets out the laws governing marriage between Hindus; there is the Muslim marriages ordinance act which governs marriage between Muslims. At Lovell Chohan solicitors we are able to deal with complicated Indian legislation dealing with dowries, domestic violence and property disputes (including matrimonial assets and land disputes).

We deal with parties who are either based in England and Wales that originate from India or those who reside in India and have connections to England and Wales.

We are able to advise and act on behalf of both non-resident Indians living in England and Wales or parties living in India who have disputes in England and Wales. In particular we are able to advise through duly qualified advocates and barristers who are qualified both in India and in the United Kingdom.

We are a multi-lingual law firm

We speak fluent Hindi, Urdu and Punjabi and have facilities for high-speed video links to communicate with clients and enable conferences to take place whether with us or whether with advocates and barristers anywhere across the globe.

We offer a free initial consultation to discuss your matters before you decide to engage us so that you are able to make an informed choice.

We are able to deal with the following areas of law listed.

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For many years the multi-lingual law firm of Lovell Chohan Solicitors have served the London boroughs of Slough, Windsor, Eton, Hounslow, Mayfair, Twickenham, Richmond & Chiswick. If you have questions regarding India Law Statutes, visit us at our offices in Hounslow, Slough & Twickenham