Employee Holiday Rights

Nearly all workers over school leaving age including employees and agency and casual workers are entitled to a minimum of 5.6 weeks' paid holiday per year which is 28 days for a worker working a five-day week. Part-time workers are entitled to a pro-rated amount of holiday calculated on the full-time entitlement of 28 days per year. The holiday entitlement includes the 8 public bank holiday days. 

The amount of holiday that the employee can take every year must be specified in their contract of employment. If the employee leaves their employment, any unused holiday should be included with their final pay and calculated at the basic rate of their salary.

An Employee’s Entitlement to Holidays

There are no legal requirements governing holiday leave. All other aspects of an employee’s entitlement to holidays should be set out either in their contract of employment or in a staff handbook and these are likely to include when the leave year starts (generally either the beginning of January or from the first day of the employee’s employment), whether the employee can carry holiday over from one leave year to the next and what procedures the employee is required to follow to book their holiday.

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