Buying A Property

If you are interested in buy to let, purchasing residential or commercial property our skilled solicitors are able to guide you through the process easily and focus on putting your needs first. Offering a step-by-step service allows us to keep you involved and helps run things smoothly from start to finish.

We offer a unique conveyancing package for all First Time Buyers that involves supporting you through the decision making process and guiding you to the best possible outcome. This tailored approach gives you the knowledge and expertise you need to start climbing the property ladder with confidence. Our dedicated conveyancing solicitors are able to prepare for a purchase even if you haven’t found the ideal property yet. This means that when the property is eventually found you are ready to secure your purchase. As a thank you for putting your trust in us, we even offer a discount on conveyancing fees.

When purchasing a new build property it is useful to know that the process is not the same as when you buy a normal house. Due to developers working from a buying off plan this consequently means plots are sold almost immediately, even before the development is completed. The competitive nature of the marketplace means there are waiting lists for properties, so to avoid disappointment it is useful to contact a solicitor months or even years before you plan to buy. This early planning ensures that the short four weeks you are given to reserve and then exchange contracts are all prepared for. Contacting us early means we are able to represent you from the beginning whilst you prepare to move in.

Here is a brief explanation of what our efficient conveyancing solicitors will undertake when you purchase a property through us.

The pre-contract stage

The pre-contract stage is all the preparation needed before contracts are exchanged. The seller will send through documents that will consist of: a drafted contract, the conclusion of property searches made and justification of legal ownership. Once these documents are received we will investigate further into property searches and make sure everything is in order.

Once these documents have been assessed, you will need to agree a mortgage offer before we are able to send the draft version of the contract to the seller.

The post-contract stage

The post-contract stage begins with the draft version of the purchase deed being sent over to the seller’s solicitor to be authorised. Once this procedure is completed the purchase deed then needs to be signed by the seller and buyer. The seller will then work with their solicitors to figure out a price they will release their mortgage for. We will then take it upon ourselves to liaise with the mortgage lenders for the mortgage loan. Once this is all completed and the money has been transferred to the solicitor of the seller, we can then finally have the deeds sent to us.

The post-completion stage

This last stage involves the seller’s solicitor confirming the release of their mortgage by providing the receipt as evidence. We then receive money from you so we are able to pay the stamp duty and land tax of the property. As well as this, we will assist you in registering your property to your name through the Land Registry, the final stage in the conveyancing process before you receive the keys to your new property.

At Lovell Chohan we understand that when people buy a property they are normally selling as well. We offer assistance for selling your prior property as well as purchasing a new one.

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