New Build Property Solicitors in Hounslow

Purchasing a new build home? Buying off plan?

What if your new build property does not turn out as expected? What if there are structural errors or cosmetic defects you are not happy with? What if there are long delays in getting your property to completion?

You could face a lengthy and costly dispute with your seller, builder or developer or end up not even owning your new home…

If you are taking the bold and exciting step of buying a new build home, we can help ensure your property dreams don’t turn into a nightmare.

At Lovell Chohan, our specialist new build conveyancing solicitors in Hounslow have decades of experience in this complicated area of property law and understand all of the unique issues, complexities and deadlines involved in this type of property transaction.

Purchasing a new build property, with all the enticing sales incentives and guarantees that come packaged with it, might make it seem like an attractive, chain free, stress free option. It might offer you the fresh start and blank canvas you have always wished for, but, from our experience, it does not come without significant risks attached.

New build conveyancing explained

The conveyancing process on new build property purchases is often the most complicated since it is very different to buying an existing property, having the potential for a lot to go wrong. In the worst case scenarios, you could end up not owning your home or even see your property being demolished because of errors in planning.

That is why it is essential you seek expert professional advice from one of our experienced and qualified new build conveyancing solicitors at Lovell Chohan, right from the outset.

As experts in residential property, our dedicated new build conveyancing team know all of the bases to cover. We have wide experience in dealing with some of London’s biggest property developers and are used to working under the pressure of short timescales and tight deadlines often exerted by sales and legal teams to get the deal done.

We know exactly what to look out for and can advise and guide you on all of the necessary steps and potential pitfalls that need your careful consideration, helping you avoid the worst, most devastating and costly mistakes.

You can be confident we will be there to oversee and assist you throughout your new build property transaction, right from your offer being accepted through to snaggings and completion, addressing all of the essential new build development and conveyancing issues you need to consider along the way.

Our expert new build conveyancing team will be there, right by your side, to advise, guide and support you with everything including:

  • Purchasing a new build freehold property.
  • Purchasing a new build leasehold property.
  • New build conveyancing including purchasing a property off plan before it has been built.
  • Issues relating to the future maintenance of common areas of a new residential development.
  • NHBC inspections and NHBC warranties which provide a form of insurance against structural defects. Most new builds will come with a 10 year NHBC warranty.
  • Reviewing and checking planning permissions.
  • Reviewing and checking building regulations consents.
  • Checking compliance with planning regulations to include the necessary checks and searches that ensure the appropriate planning permissions have been obtained and that the property has been built in full accordance with it.
  • Agreements for the adoption of roads and sewers including checks that drains and utilities have been properly established.
  • Local searches.
  • Checking access rights, boundary rights, rights of way and access to services.
  • Restrictive covenants which may prohibit any alterations to the property without permission.
  • Snagging and warranties provision that can be written into your contract for issues relating to any structural or cosmetic building work that falls short of expectations, or any errors or defects that need to be itemised and passed on to your builder for repair. It is always a good idea to get an independent snagging survey, as soon as possible, ideally before making your final payment, before completion or before moving in to avoid your builder or seller dismissing your issues as wear and tear.
  • Mortgages and re-mortgages.
  • Reservation fees.
  • Ensuring your deposit is protected.
  • Negotiating contracts and completion dates with your developer.
  • Disputes concerning new build houses which might arise between you and your seller, builder or developer.

By working closely with you, from the acceptance of your offer right through to completion, we will keep the process moving swiftly and seamlessly, helping you avoid any unnecessary delays or additional costs.

We will work with you and your developer, always considering and protecting your best interests first and foremost, making sure the contract is in your favour, your deposit is fully protected and there is a long-stop completion date in place for your property to be finished by.

By instructing our expert team of new build conveyancing lawyers in Hounslow, you can be confident your property purchase is in the safest, most experienced hands. We will work hard to ensure you achieve the most successful transaction possible, giving you the assurance and peace of mind that your new home is properly secured and safeguarded.

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