24hr Emergency Solicitors

Here at Lovell Chohan we understand the importance of new and existing clients being able to contact a solicitor 24hrs a day, 365 days a year, for those little emergencies that arise from time to time.

Outside of office hours, (before 9am, after 5pm, weekends and public holidays) our call answering service will give you a number of options to choose from, and will connect you to an appropriate solicitor or call handler, it couldn’t be simpler, even our phone numbers are the same as you would call during normal working hours.

When calling please listen to all the options carefully and chose an option that best suits your needs, there may be a slight delay in answering your call while the system searches for an available solicitor or call handler.

Further please note our emergency lines are for legal matters that require an immediate emergency response and cannot wait to be dealt with during normal office hours. The solicitor or call handler answering your call will not be able to deal with general enquires, legal advice or questions that do not relate to, or are of a non-urgent nature.

Crime  -  Option 1

For criminal matters including police station and court representation, or if you have been arrested and need to speak to a criminal lawyer, please choose option 1

Family -  Option 2

For family or matrimonial matters including emergency injunctions, domestic violence issues, or care proceedings involving social services, the local authority and your children, please choose option 2

Other   -  Option 3

If your call relates to any other legal matter, that requires an immediate emergency response and cannot wait to be dealt with during normal office hours, please chose option 3


0844 216 0000

Hounslow 020 8814 7599

Slough 01753 303 361

Twickenham 020 8814 9989