Work Experience Placements

From time to time Lovell Chohan Solicitors offers work experience placements in conjunction with the Hounslow Education Business Partnership for local schools, colleges and students studying law at university.

For work experience to be successful you will be required to contribute to the firm and learn from it. This means performing like a regular, competent employee by turning up for work on time, fulfilling the firms requirements and achieving objectives and targets to the best of your ability. In all of this your attitude towards work and towards others is important. You should show initiative where appropriate and be flexible and co-operative as well as be able to contribute ideas from the skills you already have.

If you are a school pupil residing in the West London area you should contact your local education business partnership to make a formal application for a work placement with Lovell Chohan Solicitors.

If you are a student currently studying law at university or have just completed your LPC you should make a formal application for work experience by writing to us enclosing a copy of your CV, this should be sent via e-mail.

Please note that all work experience placements offered at Lovell Chohan Solicitors are unpaid and are subject to a maximum of 2 weeks for school pupils and 3 months for law students. The minimum placement for school pupils is 1 week and 1 month for law students.